Time to work on your local SEO Mojo - courtesy of Moz Blog and @greggifford

These tips are nice and basic, for those of you who are just starting out on the Local SEO optimization hunt. The work can be frustrating, but it follows along with typical SEO recommendations: content is crucial, pick your (local) keywords, and get off-site references who will make you credible and authoritative. For local SEO the credibility part comes through reviews and citations where others reference your local business. And make sure your keywords are locally relevant and geo-targeted.


One of the most common questions I get from small business owners is "how does online marketing work"?  They don't even know enough to ask about SEO, or Paid Search, or whatever tactic. They are still stuck on the core essentials of how the strategy works.

Major changes here at Addion!

We've just released our Admiral Ackbar edition of the easiest tool to manage your paid search.  This release features a whole new design to make all the features of Addion easier to find, easier to explore, and easier to use.  We also released an SEO website audit tool so you can quickly audit how your website stands in SEO. It even gives you a detailed prioritized task list of what you should focus on first!

Market research isn't just something that eBay and Amazon need to worry about. If you are a small business owner, its critical you get some idea of market trends, purchasing and pricing behaviors, and where your market is heading.

This article has some interesting ideas on things you can do....

It seems that we have all survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for the most part.  (I did notice a large amount of “I’m sorry our site crashed” emails on Tuesday.)  But now that the holiday shopping season is fully underway, I wanted to share some tips on how to keep your paid search campaigns running at optimal performance.

New to Online Marketing?  Here Are 5 Super-Important Tips for Starting a Paid Search Campaign

How “not provided” is wreaking havoc on SEO efforts & what to do about it

A recent update by Google is leaving nearly all companies without a way to accurately track organic keyword traffic in Google Analytics, and it's a real bummer. 

After a couple of months of testing we are excited to announce that Addion has officially graduated from beta.  In these past weeks, we’ve learned a lot about what our users and other small businesses want and need in a paid search platform.  We received a lot of feedback and the majority of these emails led to direct improvements in Addion, so we really appreciate it!

Reading the excellent Ex Post Facto blog by Tomasz Tunguz, he states the fact that the typical mobile phone user checks their phone 110 times per day. That's an astounding figure, no matter how accurate you believe it might be. But the fact is it represents a complete upheaval of your business, no matter who you are and where your customers can be found.


Google just announced that they will now include expected performance (CTR) of your ad extensions and formats in the calculation of Ad Rank.  Previously Google would calculate Ad Rank from your Max CPC and Quality Scores.