The Secret to Surviving Google's Hummingbird? Addion

Google recently released their latest major SEO algorithm update: Hummingbird.  This one was designed to improve on how Google returns organic results for "conversational" queries.  This makes a ton of sense since so much Google search traffic is driven by mobile (where the Android OS has offered voice searches for some time ... which is of course the ultimate of "conversational").  Updates come and go with Google (remember Panda anyone?) and as such this isn't much different or special.

However, those of you who have been doing online marketing for awhile probably have a different reaction to hearing about another Google update: fear, uncertainty and dread.  The FUD reaction to Google's updates are understandable, because in the past each update brings a whole slew of sites that previously ranked very high suddenly disappearing from the results.  Indeed, this post equates a Google update as if it were an "earthquake", with agencies and SEO experts all trying to figure out what went so wrong.

This time, we've seen a very different outcome here at Addion.  Since we rolled our platform out for all our managed SEO clients, we have 100% record of success post Hummingbird. This means that each and every website we run SEO for (which are all managed within the same Addion platform you can use) has had their rankings, traffic, sales and revenues all sharply increased.  Revenue increases of 185%, sales increases of 80%, traffic improvements of 40%.  Each of our SEO clients has seen these benefits.  And frankly, that suprised even us.

The secret? Certainly the Addion platform and visibility we get in SEO traffic help.  But the largest difference is we have for several years been doing SEO optimization in a way that maximizes content creation, leverages consistent best practices, and frankly take a bit longer because its done "to last" rather than to just get quick results.  Normally, our client traffic and sales go up month to month using this approach. But the real value of a content-heavy approach is when Google shakes things up with one of their famous algorithm updates. That's when best practice and solid process win out over riskier grey-hat techniques that alot of SEO "experts" talk about sometimes.

There are right ways to do SEO, and there are "risky" ways.  Certainly, often we see these risky approaches get recognized and rewarded with rapid rankings and traffic as they seem to gobble up the legitimate content sites.  But roosters sometimes come home to roost. And updates like this reenforce the value of originally written and carefully optimized content to make language natural, avoid "stuffing" like the plague, and generally stay well away from link-heavy content syndication approaches that used to work for SEO.

There's no denying results, I guess. And post-Hummingbird, Addion is very lucky to have some truly remarkable results to share with our SEO clients.