Search Engine Marketing is hard

Search Engine Marketing Used To Be Easy

… No More.

Once you could cleverly find that hidden keyword that drove conversions at an unbeatable ROI.  Once there were multiple places to get legitimate paid search traffic: Google, Yahoo, Overture, Find What, even 7 Search.  Once you could count on one hand the competitors who knew about your secret weapon in marketing.

Now its all changed. And it requires different strategies, more rigorous optimization models, and an experienced account team that has been around the block.

Addion was founded by the people who helped create this industry: senior GoTo/Overture executives (GoTo was the first pay-per-click search engine), and we have served hundreds of clients for the past 20+ years. Our account team has managed millions of keywords profitably, and has direct experience making broken campaigns work again.

We understand that managing SEM campaigns is both art and science.


We are experts at selecting keywords and crafting ad copy that filters out window shoppers and brings in buyers. By incorporating business economics and site metrics in setting bids and measuring performance, we are able to optimize campaigns that quickly exceed your objectives. We use insider techniques and sophisticated proprietary technologies that maximize the number of qualified leads and customers at an affordable cost, yielding higher ROI.

So what does that all mean? It means we are going to make paid search work for you!

We think this approach brings together the best of technology and smart experienced people. Together, they help make Addion absolutely world-class in paid search management.

Better Analytics to Target your Customer

Technology & Search Engine Marketing

  • Programmatic bidding across hundreds of thousands of keywords in real time.
  • Analyzed against profitability by time period – short term, medium term & long term
  • Maximize most profitable keywords into new matchtypes to drive additional volume
  • ROI optimized at all levels – Campaign and Keyword optimization
  • Bids adjusted intraday automatically, with frequent small account triage by Account Manager

Rigorous Processes make Better SEM


Knowing What To Do Next Isn’t Always Obvious

Fact is – today any successful SEM campaign requires real world practical experience, and a robust set of processes built to account for all circumstances.

  • Bids should include over 30 different criteria, measured against multiple performance trends
  • Each page is then hand-mapped to prime target keywords
  • Keywords are generated and grouped into logical Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Optimization changes are implemented daily and performance trends are reported weekly