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Relentless About Your Results

Relentless About Your Results

Addion helps smart businesses make more money from online marketing campaigns. Our close-knit team of online marketing experts have been helping companies for over 20 years to be more successful online.

We’ve been an agency since 2002 when was acquired to form Yahoo Search Marketing.  Since then we have been on the ground floor of building and optimizing thousands of campaigns for clients.  Our focus is on driving measurable metrics (sales, leads, revenue) toward a goal-focused objective like Return On Investment or Cost Per Action.


It's About Your Growth - Not Ours

Everything we do, every campaign we launch, every change we recommend is made to drive measurable and quantifiable results to your bottom line.  We are a pure Direct Response agency, where we put our money directly where our mouth is.

We think what makes us different is our relentless focus on your results.  Because every month we have to prove ourselves, we have a somewhat obsessive focus on setting measurable goals and working to hit those.  Weekly we give reports that show our real results against that target, and give you a trend that shows us either meeting those goals or falling short.  And when we do fall short (hey, everyone is human after all) we aren’t making money that month.

It’s about your results, not ours.
It’s as simple as that.

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Bottom Line Metrics That Matter

  • We don’t require long-term contracts that auto-renew (we hate those ourselves).
  • We measure results off of real metrics that drive your business – revenue, sales, leads (not engagement, eyeballs, or follows).
  • Experts at turning around problem accounts that other agencies fail at
  • Most important, we don’t get paid until you get paid! We work for a small fee to cover our costs, and put our profit at risk. Every month we don’t get our profit it you aren’t hitting your sales targets.



The Search Engine Experts

We've been doing paid search since before Google existed.  Nobody has our track record or history at delivering bottom-line results.

Addion was founded by the people who helped create online marketing industry: senior GoTo/Overture executives (GoTo was the first pay-per-click search engine), and we have served thousands of clients for the past 20+ years, managing millions in profitable marketing spend.

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