5 Significant SEO Megatrends

Ready for some SEO Megatrends?  These are trending changes in how SEO works in 2017 that would be helpful for your team to master.

  1. SEO Content Convergence — Just as content alone isn’t enough to guarantee SEO success, SEO alone isn’t enough to guarantee that people will find and engage with your content. Data is helping marketers understand consumer intent to create intelligent content that aligns with the customer journey to deliver a successful and memorable experience.
  2. Mobile-first development — Most search traffic now occurs on mobile devices in the US.  For years, Google told marketers about the coming shift to mobile first — and it finally arrived in 2015, when mobile searches surpassed desktop. Today, optimizing for mobile search, devices and usability is no longer optional. It’s mandatory. Your brand must be mobile-ready if you want to capitalize on mobile micro-moments.
  3. Hyperlocal content — Hyperlocal is all about capitalizing on “near me” searches and “I-want-to-go” micro-moments and become hyperrelevant and hypervaluable.
  4. Start Thinking About Voice — About 20 to 25 percent of mobile queries are voice searches, depending on who you believe at Google. Although it’s clearly far too soon to declare the death of text searches, voice search is an emerging area marketers need to pay attention to heading forward. Voice search will continue to rise as consumer adoption of virtual assistants (e.g., Siri, Alexa) increases.
  5. Beyond Big Data — Google relies in part on machine learning, in the form of RankBrain, to make sense of the massive amounts of data and deliver the best possible search results for users. As marketers, we, too, must turn to machine learning to understand the intent, interests and behavior of our audience so we can deliver and personalize content that they want.


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