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The Addion Difference can be summarized in one goal – Results.  Everything we do, every campaign we launch, every change we recommend is made to drive measurable and quantifiable results to your bottom line.  We are a pure Direct Response agency, where we put our money directly where our mouth is.

We are SMALL, NIMBLE, BOUTIQUE virtual agency focused on bottom-line online channels. As such, we are ready to start immediately.

We don’t do viral videos, social media content, etc. But what we do, we are world-class at!

Let’s set goals on what leads & enrollments we can build from. Goals should be difficult to hit but not impossible. Otherwise there’s no incentive to do better if its never obtainable.

No Contracts to bog down the decision process. If it doesn’t work out, you are never held to any long-term agreement.

Let’s get started!


The Search Experts

Bringing the best of an experienced team, two decades of rigorous process, and sophisticated technology to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Paid Search: 20+ years of results-oriented, rigorous, thorough management using proprietary process & systems.

SEO: We target visitors using white-hat techniques, reputation management (if needed), content creation, all integrated with social media efforts. Hundreds of top 5 results on Google.

Social Media: Addion can build out your online presence, drive increased revenue, promotions, paid ads; across many platforms and tactics.

The Deepest Background In Search Marketing

  • 1999: Founders meet while working together at GoTo.com, the inventor of paid search – later becoming Overture, and being bought by Yahoo!
  • 2002: Founders form Telic Media, an award-winning digital agency with paid search at its core, which very successfullly expanded to organic search, display, email, leadgen & more
  • 2007: Telic Media merges with Ionic Marketing – specializing in traditional media – to become Ionic Media (we agree, no bonus points for name creativity!), an award-winning integrated agency
  • 2012: Ionic Media spins out Addion, led by Telic Media founders, focusing on digital media software and agency services with a powerful technology foundation

Ted Huffman


Managing Director, Ionic Media & Telic Media

Technology Director, Overture

Accenture London

Intel planning & controls group

20+ years running several agencies

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Bernard Mangold


General Manager, Microsoft Live Labs

Director, Research Engineering, Yahoo!

SVP, Greenwich NatWest

Accenture London

Ph.D., Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

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