Take Aways

A Crash Course in SEO

September 4, 2019

Here is an excellent crash course in SEO.  Get ramped up FAST on what your website needs for Search Engine Optimization.

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B2B Lead Generation Basics

August 27, 2018

The nifty team at Duct Tape Marketing has made a nice basic explanation of the basics of lead generation.  Lead generation is the core of any B2B marketing strategy, and our team here at Addion are absolutely world-class lead generation experts. From Duct Tape Marketing Marketing is a broad term that encompasses a number of channels and…

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The latest Google algorithm changes

August 25, 2018

Great post from Neil Patel (once again) outlining the key ways to succeed in SEO with the new Google algorithm in mind.  Useful stuff! From Neil Patel: Have you noticed that Google is constantly making algorithm changes? And when they do, they rarely tell you the change they’ve made. They tend to keep it a bit…

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5 Sciences Behind Conversion Rates

October 11, 2017

The Five Weird Sciences Behind Conversion Rates Is your landing page converting well? Is it converting badly? Do you know why? I mean, do you really know? This article will give you the science and psychology of why your landing is engaging to visitors, or, why you might be getting traffic – but no conversions,…

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Scuttlebutt – Google To Acquire Snapchat?

August 4, 2017

We keep hearing that Google floated an offer of at least $30 billion to buy Snap in early 2016. Three people, including people inside and close to the company, separately confirmed they had heard the chatter and price tag, with one calling it an “open secret” among Snap’s upper ranks and certain tech industry circles.…

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What is the Single Most Effective Marketing Tool?

August 1, 2017

Building an effective email list is probably the single most effective tool that a business owner has to both increase their customer base and lower their cost per acquisition at the same time.  This is because these are prospects that have already raised their hand and asked for more information from you.  Also they are…

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Parent Company of Home Advisor buys Angie’s List

May 19, 2017

Massive shakeup in the local contractor referral marketplace.  Home Advisor’s parent company IAC has just acquired Angie’s List.  This effectively will become a single publicly-traded lead generation powerhouse for local marketplaces. We’ve been testing the market with Home Advisor, thus far without spectacular results.  But as a combined entity, this could be a much more…

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5 Significant SEO Megatrends

May 17, 2017

Ready for some SEO Megatrends?  These are trending changes in how SEO works in 2017 that would be helpful for your team to master. SEO Content Convergence — Just as content alone isn’t enough to guarantee SEO success, SEO alone isn’t enough to guarantee that people will find and engage with your content. Data is helping…

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Facebook testing star reviews

May 1, 2017

Looks like Facebook isn’t content to let Google and Yelp own the local review marketplace.  They are testing starred reviews that will pit them head to head for local search. Numerous studies have shown that having starred reviews or other ad extensions increase click through rate.  Indeed, ad extensions is one of the first areas…

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One Formula to learn when creating blog content

February 9, 2017

I ran across a post that could immediately help you. One clear takeaway is to write your headlines to any blog piece in a formula designed to increase clickthroughs which will then improve your rankings and traffic. Here’s the full article. Key takeaways: – find your bottom 10% blog posts in terms of Click Through…

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