Take Aways

What Is A Social Media Calendar?

October 9, 2016

Our friends at Hootsuite have build out an excellent draft of the importance of having a calendar around your social media messaging. Whether you use Hootsuite, Buffer, or other tools, we strongly recommend using a social media calendar for both scheduling and planning your social media for maximum effectiveness.   What is a social media…

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Modern Keyword Research

September 9, 2016

Finding the right keyword, either for SEM or SEO, is still the basis for almost any campaign. Neil Patel has a great writeup of how keyword research tools have evolved. Over the decade plus that Addion has been an agency, we’ve tried a number of off-the-shelf tools (anyone remember The Permutator?) and built a number of…

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The Perfect Homepage

July 9, 2016

Another common question that we get is what do I need to do to improve my homepage. Fact is, 90% of people asking this have never stopped to think about WHAT their visitors are looking for. They are too busy thinking about HOW to persuade them, or HOW to position their company best. But until…

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Local SEO Mojo!

April 9, 2016

Time to work on your local SEO Mojo – courtesy of Moz Blog and @greggifford These tips are nice and basic, for those of you who are just starting out on the Local SEO optimization hunt. The work can be frustrating, but it follows along with typical SEO recommendations: content is crucial, pick your (local)…

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The Idiots Guide to Online Marketing

February 9, 2016

One of the most common questions I get from small business owners is “how does online marketing work”?  They don’t even know enough to ask about SEO, or Paid Search, or whatever tactic. They are still stuck on the core essentials of how the strategy works. And one of the best sources that I refer…

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