Keyword Search Intent – Your Key To More Sales & More Leads From Search Engine Marketing!

Search intent is the most overlooked part of keyword research and SEO. If you aren’t generating the leads or sales from search, this keyword intent vidoe is a must watch!

Too many people focuse solely on the keyword and the keyword data like search volume and keyword difficulty. This is a huge mistake because the most important factor is the user’s search intent behind that keyword search.

When you match your content with the user’s intent, and your SEO game is on point you have the true recipe for long term success with search engine marketing.

As promised in the video, you can access my free Learn SEO class here: (the first video in that series is the free seo course)

You can get my keyword research trainings here: (be sure to watch the first 2 videos in this series!)

I also mentioned how you can structure the ‘informational’ content and ‘transactional’ content into a silo structure to get an extra boost in yoru search engine optmization strategy…

Here are the SEO Silos videos that explain this strategy in detail:

To help you understand the ideas around keyword intent better, here is the content from most of the slides below for reference….

Why search intent is KEY to success
-Boosts time on site & engagement.
-Shows you “get them” and adds value
-You stand out from the SE SPAM
-Builds trust

The 4 Types of keyword search intent:

Informational Search Intent
-How to ____
-Signs of ____
-What is ____
-Who was ____
-When did ___ happen?
-History of _____
-Where did ____ start?
-Different ways to ____

Consideration Search Intent
-Top 10 _____
-Best ______
-____ Comparison
-____ Reviews
-____ or ____ for ____
-Category searches
-“Home gym for ____”
-Electric bikes

Transactional Search Intent
-Buy ______
-Best deal for ______
-Coupon for _______
-Free shipping on ___

Location Based Search Intent
-Service type – (locksmith or plumber)
-URL or website name
-Company name
-Product search (vegan Chinese food)

Example – Pet owner needs a new vacuum that can clean up the pet hair.
-Information – How to clean dog hair from carpet
-Consideration – Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair
-Transaction – Best deal on Dyson Animal 2
-Location – Dyson dealer

Master keyword search Intent and…
-Users will enjoy your content more
-Google will display your content more
-You build trust more quickly
-Your recommendations are better received


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