Local SEO Mojo!

Time to work on your local SEO Mojo – courtesy of Moz Blog and @greggifford

These tips are nice and basic, for those of you who are just starting out on the Local SEO optimization hunt. The work can be frustrating, but it follows along with typical SEO recommendations: content is crucial, pick your (local) keywords, and get off-site references who will make you credible and authoritative. For local SEO the credibility part comes through reviews and citations where others reference your local business. And make sure your keywords are locally relevant and geo-targeted.

City and state in the title tag. Arguably one of the most important places to include city/state information. We’ve seen many small businesses jump up in local rankings from this alone.
City and state in H1 heading. Hold on, don’t interrupt. I know it doesn’t HAVE to be an H1 heading… So whatever heading you’ve got on the page, it’s important to also have your city/state info included.
City and state in URL. Obviously, this can’t happen on your home page, but on other pages, including the city/state info in the URL can be a powerful signal of local relevance.
City and state in content. Clearly, it’s important to include your city/state info in your content.
City and state in alt tags. We see far too many local business sites that don’t even use alt text on their images. Make sure you’ve got alt text on all your images, and make sure that you’re including city/state info in your alt text.
City and state in meta description. Yes, we all know that the meta description doesn’t play into the ranking algorithm… but including city/state info can really boost clickthrough rate for local search results.
Include an embedded Google Map. Including an embedded Google Map is important too, but PLEASE make sure you do it correctly. You don’t want to just embed a map that points to your address… You want to embed a map that points to your actual Google Plus Local listing.

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