Lower Cost Per Lead

Lower Cost Per Lead

There are only a few key leverage points you have in reducing your Cost Per Lead.  Either you can focus on more targeted traffic, and reduce wasted spend.  Or you can improve the effective quality of your leads by instituting quality scoring, scrubbing, and real-time qualifications to get to a better quality of lead (and then effectively tailoring your spend around what generates high quality leads).


The other main lever you have in getting a lower Cost Per Lead is to improve your lead conversion rates.  There is a whole science dedicated to analytics and testing around improving Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  This can be done by multi-variate testing landing page variables (creative, messaging, form design, page design, and more).  Alternatively, you can spread your traffic along carefully segmented landing pages, with messaging and calls to action designed to appeal much more strongly to appropriate keywords and traffic sources.

Experts At Lowering CPL

However you slice it, controlling your Cost Per Lead is critical to maitaining the lifeblood of almost any business.  Addion has over 20 years of experience at improving CPL and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for thousands of B2B and B2C companies.  We have lectured on lowering Cost Per Lead and improving Conversion Rates to hundreds of businesses nationwide, as well as to attendees at conferences such as the Direct Marketing Association.

For us, improving your key metrics are central to our mission, not an afterthought.

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