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Mobile Equals Marketing Success

The main goal of advertising is to reach your customers. Today, mobile is increasingly where your customers are. It used to be that mobile was an experimental channel, an afterthought when you were planning out your banner and search campaigns. No more!


For the last few years, mobile has been a significant portion of our overall search strategy for clients. Even when clients do not have mobile-responsive websites, we still have to explicitly identify how to deal with mobile traffic. Because that’s exactly how your customers are finding you today. You can opt out of that traffic, but smart marketers understand at what cost not having a real mobile awareness has.

Setting The Mood

Almost 70% of all searches for a product began on a mobile device

81% of people will use their mobile phone while watching TV

57% of smartphone users are using it at the same time they are on another screen (TV, computer, etc.)

80% of customers use their mobile phone to research while in a store

Fact: mobile click-to-call actions will yield a 90% lower Cost Per Action than traditional web forms.

Mobile is now one of the most important ways to reach your buying customers, both during the research phase and while they are in the middle of the purchase cycle. Mobile is no longer a second class citizen.

For Addion, mobile is designed to be a key part of your overall online capabilities. Another way that the Addion approach is both simple and smart.

Mobile - First Marketing

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