Reduce Wasted Spend

Reducing Wasted Spend

Wasted marketing spend is inevitable.  No matter how brilliant your product is, how mind-blowingly creative your ad is, how irresistable your website ... a significant portion of traffic you get is completely wasted.  The key to reducing this is to exhaustively track every click and interaction, and to them model your traffic to reduce waste.


Search engines give you a variety of tools to shape your traffic, from keyword matchtype testing to testing campaign and adgroup structures so volume isn't wasted on unprofitable (but not terrible) keywords.  You can also modify flow of traffic by geography (down to zipcode and even street blocks) and by time (dayparting, weekparting, and more).

Social media allows you a different set of levers to modify interest and affinity settings.  Banner campaigns can be tested by placement type of site.

And most modern online channels now allow you to build lookalike audiences based on previous valuable customers.

Experts At Reducing Wasted Media

We have had decades of experience to quickly triage problem accounts and reducing waste without impacting leads or sales.  In fact, typically we expect to reduce your spend by 20% right out of the gate.

At Addion, we have turned around performance and wasted search engine spend hundreds of times, from the small mom-and-pop business to multinational major companies.  Each has their own challenge, and each success gives us more tools in our tool belt.

For us, improving your key metrics are central to our mission, not an afterthought.

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