Social Media Marketing vs. Search Engine Marketing. Which Is Better For Your Business In 2019 & Why?

Socia Media Marketing is all the rage, but is it for you? Can Search Engine Marketing drive the leads and sales you need?

If you watch enough marketing videos you will start to feel like you MUST be a social media marketing maven to make any money online.

Many social media gurus were touting that you HAD TO BE ON SNAPCHAT just over a year ago… A company that is now hemroging users to the tune of losing 3 million users in the last 3 months:

Not to mention that Facebook and Instagram continue to CRUSH reach unless you pay to boost your posts.

Search marketing is not sexy and does not give you the ‘mini-celebrity’ status that people achieve through social but it can be extremely effective driving traffic, leads and sales…

Especially if your business falls into this one specific category explained in the video!

This video analyzes both and looks at the scenarios where both work best.

Personally I run both social media traffic and search traffic so I have a broad sense of the marketplace even though I do prefer the long-term residual benefits associated with search engine marketing.

To help you go deeper into the ‘how to’ behind the different types of marketing, here is access to my content that goes deeper into each marketing method.

How to advertise on Facebook videos –

If you want to drive traffic and dominate at search engine marketing you need to learn SEO (search engine optimization) which you can do here:

Finally, with search marketing, you need to become a master of keyword research which you can learn how to do here:

Regardless whether you choose search marketing or social marketing for your business… The key is always frequency of publishing great content…

There is no ‘shortcut’ to growing your audience, driving leads and sales from internet marketing, and the sooner you realize that each approach takes a ton of work… Roll up your sleeves… And start doing what it takes, the better!


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