What is the Single Most Effective Marketing Tool?

Building an effective email list is probably the single most effective tool that a business owner has to both increase their customer base and lower their cost per acquisition at the same time.  This is because these are prospects that have already raised their hand and asked for more information from you.  Also they are familiar with your brand, so are significantly more likely to convert from prospects into quality customers.

The use of mass emails to your customer base is a great tool to get sales. To keep people opening your emails though requires a plan.

1. Offer exclusive content in order to get people to sign up for emails. (Will people sign up for my emails if I offer exclusive content?)

2. Don’t spam your email list. (What does it mean to spam your list?)

3. Keep your content short but interesting. (How can I keep my content short, but still have it be interesting?)

4. Use email programs that allow you to see what is getting you clicks. (Why should you use email programs that allow you to see what’s getting you clicks?)

5. Use programs that will let you set up emails in advance. (Why should you use programs that will let you set up emails in advance?)

6. Test run emails to see what got clicks and then put that out to the rest of your subscribers. (Why should you test run emails?)

7. Give email subscribers a heads up on new products. (Why should you give email subscribers a heads up on new products?)

8. Keep track of your most effective content and reuse it with new subscribers. (Why should you keep track of your most effective content, reusing with new subscribers?)

9. It’s not a blog, don’t use the same content. (Why shouldn’t you use the same content?)

Using these methods will help your email list be effective. Well done email marketing will lead to higher profits.

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